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South Texas Opposes Pollution May 2009 Update by Mark Walsh

"Uranium Mining in South Texas - Part 1" Television news story on KiiiTV Corpus Christi, November 14, 2008,

“South Texas sits on fault line of debate over uranium mining,” article by Anton Caputo, San Antonio Express-News, March 9, 2008.

“Water poisons town's atmosphere,” article by Anton Caputo, San Antonio News Express, May 28, 2008.

“Groundwater Quality Restoration” article by Dan Kelley, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, November 5, 2006 documenting 31 sites where water not restored to baseline in Texas.

“Nuclear genie’s cash jolt, article by Greg Harman, San Antonio Current, April 2, 2008.

“Greased tracks in Goliad,” article by Greg Harman, San Antonio Current, January 30, 2008.

“Undermining South Texas,” article by Greg Harman, San Antonio Current, October 3, 2007.

“CPS must die,” article by Greg Harman, San Antonio Current,” October 24, 2007.

See also Greg Harman’s blog, “Harman on Earth,” for regular updates on nuke activity in Texas. The blog is dedicated “to surviving the next hundred years in south texas, with an eye to border & environmental justice matters...” For example, see the article, “NRC, UEC: ICUP, Goliad County officials, suing Uranium Energy Corp for allegedly fouling area water supplies, have opened the suit to local landowners,” “Harman on Earth,” March 14, 2008,

“Generating opposition in Goliad,” article by Robert Elder, Austin American-Statesman, March 30, 2008.

“Residents oppose uranium mine plan near Corpus Christi,” Lynn Brezosky, AP, November 10, 2007.

“Uranium mining: Is it really safe?” Report by Dr. Mark Walsh about the May 17, 2008, workshop on uranium mining held in Kingsville conducted by Dr. Richard Abitz, a geochemist. Walsh is a member of the organization “South Texas Opposes Pollution” (STOP). Published in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Kingsville Record, and other papers.

For more information on workshop, request Dr. Abitz’s presentation.

Coastal Bend Sierra Club news coverage on their ‘South Texas Uranium News’ page:

On a related issue -- “Good to Glow” article by Forrest Wilder in the April 4, 2008 edition of The Texas Observer bi-weekly news magazine. TCEQ Whistleblowers expose serious safety concerns about Waste Control Specialists permit to dispose of radioactive waste in Texas:

“NRC takes comments on ISL uranium mining” article by George Ledbetter in The Chadron Record, Chadron, Nebraska newspaper, September 2, 2008.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission official and uranium mining executive acknowledge restoration of aquifer to baseline is unachievable.

“Uranium mining protest comes to Chase City,” article by Lisa Andrews,, April 8, 2008. Moratorium on Uranium Mining in Virginia since 1982; Citizens protest new interest, “it can’t be done safely.”

“Suspicion clouds mining-ban study,” The Virginian-Pilot, February 25, 2008. Legislator may intend to renew uranium mining in State with ban. “Even done well, mining is a dangerous, dirty, toxic business…”

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signs law placing burden of proof on uranium mining companies, May 20, 2008, Colorado, “Ault Town Board Opposes In-Situ Uranium mining in Northern Colorado “, and other news articles:

“Navajo Nation [spanning parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah] Pushes for Uranium Cleanup” radio report with audio by Ted Robbins from Morning Edition, National Public Radio, May 30, 2008:

“Lawsuit Seeks to Block Uranium Mining at Grand Canyon,” Environmental News Service, March 13, 2008. Three conservation groups, including the Sierra Club, filed a lawsuit challenging the approval of 39 new uranium drilling sites within a few miles of Grand Canyon National Park.

“A Grand Canyon rush for uranium,” article by Judy Pasternak, Los Angeles Times, May 04, 2008. On public lands within five miles of Grand Canyon National Park, there are now more than 1,100 uranium claims, compared with just 10 in January 2003.


Canadian province bans uranium exploration and mining in certain areas:


“Uranium-Stocks: Portfolio Update 26 September 2008,”an excerpt from an article in, September 26, 2008.

It’s been a torrid time for holders of uranium stocks with many investors throwing in the towel and moving on and who can blame them when this sector has been well and truly shunned.