Goliad County Drinking Water at Risk - Public Meeting with the EPA


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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accepted the invitation from the Goliad County Ground Water Conservation District to hold a public meeting in Goliad on August 4th, 2011 regarding Uranium Energy Corporation's (UEC) request for an aquifer exemption. The meeting will be held at the Julie Wimberly Memorial Homemaking Building located at the Goliad County Fair Grounds, U.S. Hwy 183 South. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.

Please plan on attending this important meeting. This is an opportunity for groundwater users in Goliad and adjacent counties to speak or submit written comments addressing the use of the aquifer and on conditions relating to the aquifer.

A. Goliad area drinking water in the Gulf Coast aquifer.

Should the EPA grant this exemption of a portion of the Gulf Coast aquifer, EPA would permit UEC to conduct In Situ uranium mining in the aquifer that supplies drinking water in Goliad County.

UEC is claiming that Goliad's drinking water is currently not fit for human consumption and that the company should be allowed to mine and contaminate it. Read about DROUGHT and why we should conserve our water quality.

Requirements to gain an exemption to mine in a drinking water aquifer are defined in 40CFR, Chapter 146.4 which reads --

"A portion of an aquifer may be exempted if it does not currently serve as a source of drinking water, it cannot now and will not in the future serve as a source of drinking water because it is mineral bearing and it is so contaminated that it would be economically or technologically impractical to render that water fit for human consumption."

For more information, contact:
Barbara Smith, 361-645-1716, bsmith@goliadcogcd.org
Reta Brown, 361-564-2765, retafbrown@yahoo.com, or...
Ginger Cook, 361-645-8550, gingercook@hughes.net

Hope to see you at the meeting!

Jim Krenek, Pat Calhoun, Sandra Lewis, Raulie Irwin
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ALTURA participants at Environmental Awards luncheon
Mary Beth Maher, Craig Ewing, Ann Ewing at Environmental Awards luncheon
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Art Dohmann addresses TCEQ public meeting in Goliad
Jim Blackburn addresses TCEQ public meeting in Goliad
Uranium Mining in South Texas draws public concerns to protect water supply
Raulie Irwin and Mary Anklam
One Goliad county citizen against uranium mining
Citizens line up TCEQ Goliad
Over 200 people attended UEC Preliminary Contested Case Hearing
Large turnout at TCEQ meeting in Goliad County
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UEC Preliminary Hearing Goliad County
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UEC Preliminary Hearing
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UEC Preliminary Hearing Goliad County
Fresh water pond in region proposed for uranium mining
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Billboard in Goliad County
Goliad County contests UEC mining in their drinking water aquifer
Goliad area farmer LuAnn Duderstadt with County Judge Gleinser shows water contaminated during UEC exploration
Pat Calhoun at Press Conference
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